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Toyota Reveals Information on Crown Sport, Sedan & Estate

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Toyota has released information on three new Crown models, the Crown Sport, Crown Sedan, and Crown Estate.

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When Toyota unveiled the sixteenth-generation Crown in July 2022, it initially showed the US-bound Crossover model before announcing three additional body styles as part of an enlarged lineup. The Crown Sport, Sedan, and Estate are making the headlines today as initial technical specifications have been released before the models go on sale in Japan this fall, except for the Estate as the wagon is due later in 2024.

All three will be offered with hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains and seating for five people. The Crown Sedan is going to be offered with two-wheel drive whereas the Sport and Estate will come with four-wheel drive. Toyota mentions the sedan will be available with 19- and 20-inch wheels whereas the other two cars will ride on 21-inch alloys. The Japanese website features the Sport and Estate with two-tone paints while the Sport is shown only with a monochromatic finish.

When Toyota introduced the three extra Crown models last year, it only revealed their exterior designs. New videos show how the cars look on the inside where they share the cabin with the Crown sold in the United States. The table attached below shows the differences in size between the three new Crown models.
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I really hope we get that Crown sedan that seems like a proper homage.

This video goes over the above info and some other details.
The sports type suv looks very nice, will buy one if they sell it in the states.
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