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Purchased Limited

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Age 87. Bought Limited May 15. AutoNation of Irvine. From arrival to leaving dealership with Crown was 8 hours. Final price was $10,000 less than their initial offer. MSRP $48,000 jacked up $4,000 to $52,000. I gave them an out-the-door figure plus my 2018 Honda Accord Touring and refused to budge. I was too exhausted to get any training. Will go back for that. Right now I'm in overwhelm. ANYONE KNOW OF VIDEO TUTORIALS FOR THE CROWN. I'll withhold impressions until I learn how to operate the car. I would have prefered the RAV-4 plug-in with 42 e-only advertised, but they did not have any, all incoming presold, and solid at $,6000 over MSRP.
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Congrats on the Crown @Skyblazer! Would love to see pics of it along with how you configured it. Toyota USA usually uploads how-to videos to their YouTube channel but I don't see any yet, however they have a listing for the Crown on this how-to videos page on their site. Look for 'Toyota Crown' in the list:

Did you already go back to get trained on the Crown?
Appointment tomorrow. Today reading the owner's manual written for lawyers. A struggle for an old guy. Thanks for the link. Will check it out.
After an hour's tutorial, enthusiasm for the Crown is up. Got 52 mpg on 13 mi. to dealership. Then ran 20 miles of errands at 42 mpg. Mind you, very soft foot and working the B brake and keeping speed low. My desire; get out of Crown and walk away and the car locks all doors automatically with me doing nothing. Salesperson was unable to accomplish that. Does anyone know if that's possible?? Already have 5 years memory muscle with auto-lock-walk-away and would like that arrangement again. Confession: first couple of drives, shifted to P, and left car........unaware I'd left the engine "running". New egress mental checklist POPL. Park. Off. Phone (retrieve). Lock (doors). Big reason for buying Crown instead of another Honda Accord Touring was the seat height for ingress-egress. It's working great.
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