Japan's "Best Car Magazine" is reporting some exciting new info on the upcoming Toyota Crown Sport!
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``This is going to sell very well!!!'' New Crown Sports test drive site and detailed predictions
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The new "Crown Sport" will be released with a hybrid version in the fall of this year (2023) and a PHEV version in the winter of this year. Among the four models in the Crown series, this "Sport", which is the most popular on social media, was released to some customers and the media just before the official announcement. When I saw the real thing, it was insanely good!! I was convinced that it would sell well!!

Text/Best Car Web Editorial Department, Images/Masanobu Ikenohira, TOYOTA

■ "I want to improve the car even a little until the official release" (← Greedy!!!)
First of all, I will explain the outline of the new crown series.

In the new Crown series, which was officially announced in July 2022, the first crossover was released in September of the same year, and the remaining three models (sports (coupe SUV), sedan, and estate) were about a year and a half from that point. Toyota has stated that it will announce it in stages.

According to the information released the other day, the release dates for each are as follows.

・Crown Sport (Coupe SUV) HEV spec…this fall, PHEV spec…this winter
・Crown sedan HEV spec…this fall, FCEV spec…this fall
・Crown Estate (wagon) HEV spec and PHEV spec…2024

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The front is the Crown Sport and the back is the Crown Crossover. "Sport" has shorter overall length and wheelbase

Under such circumstances, at the end of April, for some customers ("Toyota Passport", a customer service "Express member" that started with the new crown crossover) and some media, at the short course of Fuji Speedway "Crown A mini test drive event was held for Sports.

What the hell!!!??

"The aim is to actively incorporate the opinions of customers and the media, and to improve the car even a little until the official launch this fall." How greedy.

So, let me explain the introduction and impression of Crown Sports (Proto).

[Click here for a professional test drive] [Breaking news] Emergency test drive on the Crown Sports “Proto”!!

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Test drive on the short course of Fuji Speedway, the impression is much sharper than the crossover

■ Cheaper than "crossover" maybe???
The body size of the Crown Sport is 4,710 mm in length, 1,880 mm in width, 1,560 mm in height, and a wheelbase of 2,770 mm. The overall length and wheelbase are shorter than the previous Crown Crossover, and the overall width (probably the tread width, although unpublished) is wider.
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Personally, what I thought was "nice" is the way the blinker lights. Left and right 2 lines (total 4 lines) all flash yellow flickering. It looks really cool at night

This time it was a prototype (prototype) test ride event, and although detailed specifications (such as suspension settings) will be adjusted until the market is released, the general concept remains the same. It is a model that prioritizes "sensitivity" over "reason" and "impression" over "foundation". it seems like.

The impression of the real thing is, in a word, "It looks like it will sell great." It's cool anyway.

The Toyota brand has the RAV4 and the Harrier, and on top of that, the Land Cruiser Prado and the Land Cruiser 300, but in between, this Crown Sport seems to fit the needs of users who want to ride a little smarter.

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This is the first time he has been formally photographed in the media under the sun. This time, we will also hold a test drive event for "Express members" of the service called "Toyota Passport" (about 1300 people subscribed). 25 groups of 50 people were invited to Fuji Speedway

This time, I was only able to test drive the PHEV specification "Hybrid Mode" for a short distance (in the special environment of a circuit), but it is more handling than the "Crown-like driving" like the Crown Crossover. I could feel that it was a specification that emphasized. There is a fairly "sporty SUV" aim (around here, the setting of a shorter and wider body than the crown crossover is effective).

As previously reported, all Crown Sports cars are 4WD, and although the installed system has not yet been announced, it should be equipped with the popular "E-Four Advanced" crown crossover.

In addition, the PHEV specification scheduled to be released this winter is the same unit as the Harrier PHEV (drive battery capacity is 18.1 kWh, EV driving range is 93 km, system output is 225 kW (306 PS), WLTC mode fuel efficiency is 20.5 km / L ) is expected to be adopted.
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The interior of the Crown Sport is basically the same as the Crown Crossover. However, you can choose "red". The asymmetrical part is cool!!

On the other hand, it is still unknown whether the hybrid specification scheduled to be released this fall will have a 2.5L + motor (prioritizing price) or a 2.4L turbo + motor (prioritizing driving performance). Hmm, it's hard to tell at this point which one it will be.

The tires were 235/45R21, Michelin's "e · PRIMACY". The commercial model will remain the same here. Since the PHEV specification is actually the top grade, it is expected that the hybrid specification will be a little milder in size, but even so, the big tires will firmly support the running of the Crown Sports.
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The rear style also has a lot of "sex appeal". I would love to see this matte black on the market...

Also, in the forecast until the other day, I thought that "Sports may be more expensive than the Crown Crossover," but looking at the real thing, it seems that the price will be more affordable. In this class, the Harrier is too affordable to make a comparison, but the Crown Sport feels like it is set in a car class that is "slightly higher than the Harrier and slightly lower than the Crown Crossover." In other words, there is a possibility that the hybrid specification will appear in the 4 million yen range and the PHEV specification will appear in the 6 million yen range.

It will sell more and more.

Just as the Harrier swept the SUV market in the same class immediately after its introduction, there is a possibility that this Crown Sport will overwhelm its rivals (I'm most worried about the Lexus NX, though...).

In any case, the debut is expected to be around early October this fall. The countdown has already started. I look forward to the day when I can ride as hard as I can!!!