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New guy here

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Just saw my first 2023 Crown Hybrid and it was awesome. My wife is angry because I did not buy it out of the showroom. Having never seen one until today I would really appreciate anyone who owns one to tell me all about them. How do you like it? What kind of fuel mileage (not including the Premium)? Any problems? Would you buy it again? If you would tell me anything you would have liked to have known before you bought your I would truly appreciate it.
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I just bought the 2023 Crown Limited edition 3 weeks ago and I Love it. I used to have a 2012 Camry and I compare it to that because it was a great car overall. I have no regrets getting the Crown at all. I live in Los Angeles (just to get an ideal of commutes) and it gets between 41-49 mpg on a 30 mile drive in the early morning but only about 37-41 in the afternoon for the same 30 miles due to stop and go on the freeway but the hybrid feature help it to be that high. These numbers are based on using the Eco mode. It will be less when using sport mode. The adaptive cruise control works great and better than a lot of different cars I have test drove. It recognizes all the lanes perfectly through all the commutes I’ve driven so far (3000 miles) except for in heavy rain at night. It requires your 100% attention during these conditions regardless what kind of technology you have. I got the tech package which has the 360 degree camera feature, 21 in tires and remote app. Every feature about the car is awesome. The one thing I wish it had was less plastic on the bottom of the doors and around the tire well but I will be taking care of that by looking for someone to possibly dip it so it has a paint finish or possibly wrapped. If anyone has ideals that will work, I would appreciate info. Also it doesn’t have as many compartments to store items inside the car or just smaller than what I had in the Camry. It only has the small glovebox (room for owners manual and baby 5 thick envelopes) and the armrest console is not as deep as the Camrys console, its about 1/2 the size. Other than that it’s a great car and Im glad I got one of the 1st ones that came into the states. It is all wheel drive and when in sport mode, it has some get up and go, not as fast as the Tesla dual motor but it has no hesitation from a dead stop and you wont feel the shifting and just gives you all power. Any other questions, let me know and if I don’t know, I’ll see if I can get the answer as I am still learning all the features.
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