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2024 Toyota Crown Sport spotted testing

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Cool shots from Twitter:
It's exciting to see this thing out testing basically unchanged from the version they showed at the Crown reveal last year. With all the tumult at Toyota lately, I've wondered if any of the other three Crown models would survive as-is. But the twitter description calls it the 2024 Toyota Crown Sport - which would suggest they plan to start selling these within the next 12 months, or so.

This design is really growing on me (especially after seeing Ferrari's version 馃槣) but seeing it in the real world does make me wonder if it will make it to North America. It looks so close to the Venza in terms of size. Maybe they'll kill off the Venza name (again) and give us this as a replacement?
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Sounds like a Crown Prime is in the works, with the mention in that tweet of a "hybridized 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine".
Kirk Kreifels posted a video talking about the Crown Sport spy photos. He doesn't think this one is going to be coming to the States.

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